Your fully qualified, single source supplier.

 Access to Trinity's Global network of ISO 13485 certified, FDA registered Manufacturing Partners, consolidating multiple order points and supplier qualifications to one US based contact.

Significant cost reduction opportunities via transparent replacement of existing product lines (make or buy) with identical or highly comparable products.

"...Trinity Medical Devices Inc. is a business focused on a new paradigm for building value in the commodity medical device market through a uniquely conceived vertically integrated business model...."

Every year more and more medical products move from the category of  “specialty” to “commodity”.  Buyers such as Hospitals, Governments and Brand Name Corporations who source these products,  recognize spending for these commodity products has skyrocketed, and they are desperately searching for options. 

While many organizations have large purchasing departments, their cumbersome qualification systems slow them down and add significant internal costs.  It becomes more economical for them to qualify Trinity Medical, than to seek out and qualify multiple suppliers.  Most could receive a lower cost if they could buy direct from manufacturers.  However, there are credibility, regulatory, communication, logistical, and customer service barriers.   Depending on your organization structure, overcoming these barriers can be very costly.   Ultimately, the Healthcare delivery system pays the price.  

Many large companies are forced to burden their commodity products with considerably higher overhead due to the wide range of specialty products they carry, Research and Development, and large overlapping Sales Forces.  

This paves the way for Trinity Medical Devices, the world's first generic medical device company focused on commodities.